Greeting from TH Muda Engineering!

Greeting to all visitors,

This is the first ever post for this blogs so I hope you enjoy to be here forever!

Let we introduce ourselves a bit and bytes, we are TH Muda Engineering – a trading and project based company for Automation, Robotics and Engineering. We have worked for various Universities and Government organisations specifically in R&D departments so, it is quite hard for us to share all the project details since it might infringe their R&D works but we try as much as we could for you to get a grip.

We created this blog for sharing ideas, knowledge and experiences in Automation, Robotics and Engineering that our company gathering all these years. If you found what we are sharing is helpful, spread the words and share them among your friends and acquaintances. Most of our products in online store are the products being use in real R&D projects across the country.

That’s it for now, feel free to contact us if you need someone to help on your current projects at

TH Muda Engineering

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